Ridges and Furrows Agro Concept facilitates agribusiness projects using technology, research and best in-practice farming methods to assist medium and large scale businesses to overcome uncertainties in their farm interests and agribusiness.

our approach to work


Project Assessment

We believe due diligence is a key requirement for any project or investment, and especially so for agribusinesses. Be informed about your project milestones and resource commitments needed to  attain desired results. No guesswork. Just facts.


Knowledge Sharing

Agriculture is only second to nature in its vastness. With so many variables, there maybe a lot to catch up on. Learn farming methods, technologies and marketing systems needed to achieve good results.  


Network & Partnership

Above everything else, you get soft landing into our network of supply and market agents across the country. We build partnerships and mutual trust as you build confidence in taking agribusiness with measurable success.

who we are

Ridges and Furrows Agro Concepts is your first-in-class agribusiness partner. We bring in a wealth of knowledge, network and systems that make agribusiness work.

Ridges and Furrows Who We Are Today

our values


we are all we have

Agriculture is the one way our planet caters to itself and inhabitants. You and me, we play a vital role when we come together for agribusiness. The impact is deep for families, communities, business contacts,  and markets who are affected directly or indirectly. It is a flow of positive force we cannot ignore..  


so much to learn

Emerging technologies have been at the front of bringing more out of less input in agribusiness. Quality, timing, processes and human resources adds up to making output better. We dedicate a lot of time keeping up with new knowledge we practice with and will share with you.


technology is for you & me

No two projects are the same. So we listen and challenge the way to do business or methods we use. Having demonstration farms has no doubt reduced the risks we pass to our clients. Again, you are part of the innovation by asking more. And we keep listening and getting better.

"Food for all is what we stand for"
Adeleke Olusola Abiola
Chief Consultant