At Ridges and Furrows Agro Concept we have all the expertise you need to get your agribusiness plans and projects working. We offer full farm systems and market linkage support.

Bringing agribusiness dreams to reality. This is what we do daily.

Our services

Project Feasibility

The essential block for planning. We include all you need to know from land-crop fit, manpower needs, market, production and processing requirements.

Project management

We can work with teams and other consultants or along to help your agribusiness project kick off and maintain momentum while respecting set timelines.

Agric Input Sourcing

Raw materials as input in companies can be as puzzling to get as with seedlings or timely availability of select types of fertilizers. We map and bring it in when its due for you.

Storage Systems

Ever a critical problem for any agricultural project, we take into account measures that help preserve farm produce or seedling to retain their consistency for market or as input.

Green Houses

We have repeatedly and successfully installed over 30 greenhouse systems in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. We can give structural consultation or full installation for you.


Knowledge is power. with so much access to methodologies, technologies and research, we provide inhouse and infield sessions as extension or c-class discovery sessions.

Why Ridges & Furrows?

Trusted & Skilled Team


Trusted & Skilled Team

We maintain a high level of professionalism & specialized skills

Personalized Approach


Personalized Approach

We give our clients a true one-on-one experience.

Technology & Innovation


Technology & Innovation

We apply modern farming techniques to leverage the knowledge of different teams to help get your working plans.

who we are

Ridges and Furrows Agro Concepts is your first-in-class agribusiness partner. We bring in a wealth of knowledge, network and systems that make agribusiness work.

Ridges and Furrows Who We Are Today

our values


we are all we have

Agriculture is the one way our planet caters to itself and inhabitants. You and me, we play a vital role when we come together for agribusiness. The impact is deep for families, communities, business contacts,  and markets who are affected directly or indirectly. It is a flow of positive force we cannot ignore..  


so much to learn

Emerging technologies have been at the front of bringing more out of less input in agribusiness. Quality, timing, processes and human resources adds up to making output better. We dedicate a lot of time keeping up with new knowledge we practice with and will share with you.


technology is for you & me

No two projects are the same. So we listen and challenge the way to do business or methods we use. Having demonstration farms has no doubt reduced the risks we pass to our clients. Again, you are part of the innovation by asking more. And we keep listening and getting better.

"Food for all is what we stand for"
Adeleke Olusola Abiola
Chief Consultant